Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another Day

There's nothing like christmas time to piss you off when you are working at a restaurant. Long days, long nights, double shifts everyday, running around like crazy, the kitchen swamped, people getting drunk and therefore ruder by the minute.... eh merde. I am almost regretting my BA....

Today started well.
Got up, was tired of not sleeping the night before (it was 39 degrees the day before, so about 30 at night, with no fan...)but I spoke to my mom and she told me the flights were ok for Allen to make it to Canada!!! I am sooooo happy!!!
So that gave me somwhat of an energy boost and I went down to Jolleys and started a very busy lunch shift. People were nice and all, a couple even asked my boss to be served by me specifically. That's always nice.

The shift ended and I was on call for the evening shift.
Went and ran some errons in the city.
Called in.
My boss said they didn't need me.
I went to have a drink with other non-working co-workers.
After a few drinks, my boss calls me on my cell.
They had a wave of bookings and they really needed me to come in straight away.
By this point, it was 6h30, I hadn't eaten all day, and those drinks had gone straight to my head. Oh boy. I ran out of the bar and got a dinner that I ate on the run while my friend dropped me off at work. Let's say that first hour of work was particularly interesting in the state I was in.
But man oh man. Everyone came in at the same time and the shit hit the fan.
I was supposed to come in to help out until the rush was finished, but it never finished. I closed the restaurant with the others.
Now I am completely flat out.
I'm going to bed, because I have three other double shifts back to back in the days to come.

If you are going out this time of year, and you are having fun, and you are eating good food and drinking good wine, please, oh please, think of the hard working waiting staff. They never have days off around christmas and new years to enjoy a night like the one you are having. They are working three times as hard.
Please, say thank you.

(And a good tip always helps.)


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