Monday, May 10, 2010


So I am not a Twilight fan.

Yeah. Sue me.

The only reason I was convinced by a friend to see the movies was because Xavier Samuel, an Adelaide actor I have known for over 5 years and made three movies with had been casted to play a vampire baddie in the third installment of the saga.

And I just saw him in the latest official trailer.

He's the guy running and getting killed at the beginning of it, and you see him leading the vampire army and coming out of the water. It's so weird to see him like that! And it's going to be even weirder when I actually see the whole movie...

But seriously. Even if I am not a Twilight fan, I think this is pretty cool. His first movie was my first movie and look at him now. In a few months, when Eclipse hits theatres, his life will never be the same again. And he deserves it. He's great, he works hard, and he's such a sweetheart.

Here is a picture I took of him goofing around with Georgina and Sophie on a cold day on the set of Road Train last year.

Go Xavier.


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