Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why I am absent...

I am soooo busy!!
It's nuts.

I never thought this little endeavour of mine (aka Turn Left Here) would become a full time thing so quickly.

There are not enough hours in the day.

I get wiped out at markets, I need to reproduce and come up with new designs and new upcycling ideas each week, on top of preparing a collection for a shop in Adelaide, Maison Blanc, and preparing for an audition with Urban Cow, the coolest studio/gallery in town.

I get great feedback at the markets, it's really interesting to see what people pick up, what piece steers them towards my stall, and how their eyes light up when they understand that the bird brooch they are holding is actually made out of an LP vinyl record. Or that that ruffled necklace used to be a men's neck tie.

It's pretty cool. The word people use the most is clever.
I have never been clever before.

Pretty much every penny I am making goes right back into my little business. New Moo mini cards, chain upgrades from metal to sterling silver, and more budget to get awsome 1920's typewriter keys. I am starting to see what works, what people want, and what I can do to make my pieces just that much better. It's a great process. And I love doing it.

This past week I have also worked hard on my website, but also started a blog, twitter account and facebook page.

Now I am all set. Let the networking begin!


Blogger vanou said...

You're doing a great job! I so happy for you :)

12:52 AM  

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