Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paper Planes.

So I didn't have much time to catch my breath after I landed back in Oz.
No time to get over my humongous jetlag either.

The day after I arrived, I started working on Paper Planes, Storm Ashwood's new SAFC funded short film. I love focus pulling for Nick Matthews, it really keeps me on my toes. (Whole film shot on a 135mm, t2, wide open with 9 stops of ND's anyone??)
Again, our trusty RED One camera from Hidef in Sydney was flawless and perfect. I have trouble thinking that some REDs are so tempermental that it makes some people shy away from them forever. Pity.

The sets were great, the actors (and non-actors) wonderful and the crew, fabulous. I had only seen Storm be Nick's gaffer or Richard's best boy, so it was nice to finally see him direct. I think his sensitivity serves him well when it comes to communicating with actors. Especially children actors. I believe this little film of his is going to be quite impressive. Can't wait to see it.

I was feeling a bit off by the end of the week, having to drive 2 hours to and from set every day and drinking absolutely no coffee...but it felt nice to be back to carrying a nice heavy camera on my shoulder.

I learned, however, that even if you do work for a week after you come back from Canada, you don't get over your jetlag. You just push the time adjustment to later.

I think I slept two whole days after we wrapped.


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