Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oh my.

I never really write much when I am in Canada.
First, I have too much to do! Too many great people to see...
But also, I have the feeling that pretty much everyone that reads me is from Canada. Therefore, because I am here, they get my thoughts first hand. I don't need to write about them.

But tonight, I really have to talk about something.
Or someone, actually.

Robert Lepage.

I am in the middle of seeing Lipsynch, his new show, and it is absolutely sublime.
A 9 hour show. I didn't believe it at first. But it's true. 9 whole hours. You can see it all at once, with 5 intermissions and a meal break, or cut in three pieces of three hours, over the course of three days. Lovely Vanessa got Mélanie and I tickets to go see it this week, in the three day version.

I didn't think that it would work. 9 hours is a really REALLY long time to keep people interested and sitting in seats of a dark theatre. The actors have to be extraordinary, and the material, even better. The sets have to be interesting and innovative and the subject and feel of it has to be just right.
A very hard ask.

And Monsieur Lepage brings it home.

Man, that artist, director, actor, idealist, (etc, etc, etc...) does not disappoint.

His brilliance astounds me.

Tomorrow night is the last installment. I will try to sum the show up for you then. I have the feeling that it will not be easy...I fear I might run out of positive adjectives.


Blogger Mélanie said...

Je suis complètement d'accord avec toi : défi relevé haut la main! (et Vanessa est lovely)!


9:27 AM  

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