Friday, November 13, 2009

Holy Moly.

We are in the second week of november. Here, it's meant to be the best time of year: Spring! It's supposed to be nice and warm, sunny, breezy and just plain wonderful.

But no.

Since saturday last week, we have had temperatures over 35 degrees every day. It will be a week tomorrow, which classifies this lunacy as an official heat wave. And a nasty one as well. It's been 40 for 3 days, and will be again until monday. Then, only 36, for a bit of 'relief'. Usually, we don't get heat like that until january.

My God. I thought I had a bit of time before the big heat hit!! Everyone was caught off guard. But this year, enough is enough. We went down to the air conditioning place on wednesday, and we are booked in.

November 30th, our world will change.
Ducted air. Air in every room in the house.

We shall be liberated!!!

Just in time for our holiday visitors...


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