Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Some good in the news.

I was watching the news tonight.
They were talking about how when an organ is harvested from a donor, it only has four hours of 'life time' until it is no longer viable.

That basically means that if you need a heart and you live in Perth, for example, and you are critical, you can only get hearts that come from Adelaide or Darwin. It takes too long to fly a heart from Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or Brisbane to Perth. The heart does not survive the long trip. So your chances of getting a heart are significantly reduced. Australia is just way too big. And there's nothing else around. So lots of people die waiting.

But this is what the news report was about.
Australians researchers have just discovered a cocktail of medication that when pumped through and organ, it doubles it's life span.
Which means that instead of four hours, the heart can now be viable for 8, 10, even 14 hours. And that is not only for hearts. Livers, lungs, kidneys and pancreas.

I thought that was just awsome.


Blogger johanne said...

oui la science fait beaucoup de progr├Ęs et cela peut sauver des vies ...

3:47 PM  

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