Friday, August 14, 2009

The bottom half

The bottom half of the chair will probably take me about a month to do.
So I started.

First, webbing. I row of five nails and a row of four above it, on each end of the jute webbing. Five of those on each side, criss crossing into each other.

It takes a while, but after stretching and pulling and hammering, it looks pretty solid.

I have been waiting to start on the springs for a long time. It's super complicated, so I am doing them in baby steps, taking notes and pictures so I can do it again without the teacher. First, you take springs and fill the seat with them. The original chair had five, and my teacher said I should put more in to make the seat really nice. He gave me four more. So I have nine springs, which means that my chair will undoubtedly be better than it was when it was made in the late 30's.

Once the springs are positioned, you trace them in so you can sew them on one by one, on the webbing, with a special big bag needle.

That's where I am at now.
Next week, the really complicated stuff begins.


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