Thursday, July 09, 2009

A nice surprise

When I moved almost five years ago, there were no Advils here. I used to use them as my first remede for headaches, backaches, period pain, you name it. Nothing I tried here worked as well as them so I used to bring jumbo packets back from Canada. I was so happy when I saw them arrive on the shelf of my pharmacie. Great. One less thing to bring over.

There was also no Aveeno when I moved here. Aveeno is the only cream that really agrees with my fussy skin. Bringing that back from Canada Costco sized bottles at a time was no picnic, especially when they split open in my bag along the way... When I saw that being introduced to the Aussie public, I was relieved. Didn't have to ration anymore.

Although not all things I have grown up with and loved in Canada is available here - far from it- I was stunned when I saw a sign at the cafe Allen and I often go to for breakfast. Just a little place down by the beach in Port Noarlunga. The blackboard read 'New! Jones Sodas. Available in Root Beer, Bubble Gum and Green Apple flavours.'
Oh my God!! Jones Sodas!! I used to have the green apple one all the time at the Java U café next to Concordia University. I go down to the IGA and drink plenty of it when I am home. But I had never seen one here - they are hard enough to find in Montréal!!
If you know me well, you know how much I love them.
So much so, that I one with my eggs benedict.

That made my day.

Now all they need to do is open a GAP store here.
And a Saint-Hubert Restaurant.


Blogger vanou said...

So what are you still missing... so I can make you a little care package?

3:04 AM  
Blogger Une fille rangée said...

Pour le St-Hubert, la globalisation risque d'être plus longue... ;-P

6:31 AM  

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