Monday, July 06, 2009

I know...

I am not writing much these days.
Lots of things up in the air.
Here's quickly what's happening.

1- I worked on a commercial this week, it's so refreshing to work at such nice and steady pace, having people around being so relaxed and unpressured. Also, being paid good money is really good. I could get used to that.

2- Got another iPhone! Yeah, the new one. I really missed my old one... and I realized I can skype from it. Very cool.

3- I am frantically preparing for my first ever photographic exhibition. I'll tell you all about it soon...

4- I am reading Lovely Bones. Good book. Really really good book.

5- We put curtains up in the living room. They rock my world. Yes, I am very easily pleased when it comes to homewares.

Ha! That's the Reader's Digest version.
Tell you all about it later.....gotta go!


Blogger Lorraine said...

Allo, Je me suis aussi procurer le nouveau iPhone. Lots of fun.....Je ne savais pas qu'il pouvait supporter Skype. Je vais le mettre aussi. Roaming charges, here I come!!!!
A quand ton prochain voyage au Canada?

4:12 AM  

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