Saturday, August 08, 2009

Anatomy of a chair, part 2.

Last week, the upholstery classes started again.
I fetched the chair I started months ago out of the shed, and happily continued on making it pretty again.

So here we are.

I needed to finish the top of the chair, so I did my first chair corner. Not easy to make it all nice and flush; the calico is a tough but thin fabric, so there are always creases no matter what you do. The point it trying not to have too many on the side, and none on the top. When the thicker upholstery fabric goes on top of it, it is much easier to handle.

Then, I had to finish the top part of the chair. The filling, called flock, needs to be worked so that the top edge of the back of the chair is straight. So you pull the tacks out a few at a time, fill in the gaps or divide the flock around with a screw driver when there's a bump, and you pull the fabric back real tight and retack it.

This process is done lots and lots and lots of times, until the top is all equal, nice and round, and super tight. Takes quite a while. Look at all the holes.

Once that's all done, you can hammer the tacks in and trim the rest of the calico.

And you're done!

That only took 2 and a half hours....


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