Thursday, August 20, 2009


So things have been pretty hectic right now, and I haven't blogged about much else than my upholstery classes, which in some cases have been the highlight of some weeks...

But here we are now into the thick of it. The springs.
After sewing the springs onto the webbing and tightening everything all up, I had to attach the springs together, using a special super tough twine and special knots. The thing is, it's really hard, because you have to make the knots on the side of the spring (you do one row at a time) while you push it down and on it's side, so that when you tighten the other side with it, it becomes straight again. You get nice red fingers doing this...

So you do that to every spring, every row, and then on the rows across while making extra knots on the twine as you cross it. So at the end, each spring has 5 knots on it.

Looks like this once finished.

Then you cut some heshen and tack it in, stretching it over the springs. Then cut it close around to make a border, fold it over and tack it in again. At this point, the chair is really starting to take shape.

But it's far from over!

Now the springs have to be attached to the heshen. So again, we use little special knots and a bag needle to put 4 knots on each spring.

And that's how I left the class yesterday.

I felt like I had done a lot.
I am thinking it would have been nice to have another chair just like it at home so I could practice what I have learned and see if I can do it without the teacher ready to jump in if I am doing it wrong...

Hopefully I have documented everything thoroughly enough so that I remember exactly how to do everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just make sure I can sit in it next time we visit.....

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