Monday, October 26, 2009

A first.

I went to the bank today. Our new branch just finished extensive renovations. Now, it's all spiffy and classy. When you walk in, a nice lady welcomes you and asks you what you need. Then, she directs you to one of the three sections.

One, the regular tellers. Nice counters and slick glass. And there's like five of them, so you never wait long. And they are super friendly.

Two, little kinds of booths with customer service experts. They can help you with anything. Credit health check, questions about mortages, credit cards, loans, you name it. Again, super helpful, super friendly.

Three, a lounge area with really cool chairs and an awsome sofa. Coffee table, coffee machine. Just in case God forbid you would have to wait five minutes to speak to a customer service person. They call you by your name, they don't rush you, and they are just fantastic.

I walked out of there pretty impressed. I deposited a check, got information about my upcoming new credit card, received confirmation about a remote access wireless debit and credit machine for my new small business, and learned about a new card that I can use when I come to Canada that act like a credit card, but that directly uses my money in Australia. All, in record time. See, usually, I would have hated talking finance and numbers and stuff, but not today. Everything was easy and pleasurable. I never felt that content walking out of a bank before.

Go Commonwealth Bank, go.


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