Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost a week

Since I've posted last.
It seems like forever, somehow. Maybe cause it's been a busy week! Steph was here, and now, I am flat out at work.
So we tried to do in 5 days almost all that we did with the cousins in 2 weeks. Wineries. Jolleys Boathouse. City. Markets. Lucia's. Port Noarlunga. Fish and chips.

But with Steph, we went down to Victor Harbour, where there was a beautiful national park where Kangaroos ran free (or more, jumped free) all around the other animal's courts. We had special kangaroo food, and well, the roos were used to the visitors having food for them, so when they spotted us, a few always came jumping up to us to eat.

It was a bit weird, cause Steph was a bit startled at first by them coming up to us, and I had to say something like: 'It's ok, they're nice, you'll see' like I am super used to being around kangaroos. But it was when I was walking to meet them that I realised that I am pretty used to being around them now. Especially after the desert. I guess that is a true sign of my australianisation...

It was a perfect day for it all. Sunny, 20 degrees, couldn't have belived it was winter, really.

And at 1h30, the lady from the national park fed the crocodiles,

and at 2h, the koalas.

And we were invited to go inside the little stone fence and pat them...

After the national park, we went down to the harbour and crossed over to Granite Island. We decided to climb our way around it. It was really pretty.

That's something I would have loved to do with the cousins to if I knew about it all, but I had never been.
I also had never pat a koala before...
So there.

All and all, it was short but sweet. I didn't work much, and so we got to spend some good time together.
I had missed my little sister.



Blogger vanou said...

Looks like you guys had fun!
Wish I could of been there!

9:30 AM  

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