Monday, April 02, 2007

Can't hold it any longer....

So I have been trying not to get too excited about the new house. We still don't know if our fiances have gone through, and our lender has been on my back day in day out because I am a freelancer. I have had to jump through many hoops this week to make them understand that I still make money even if I work on films.

So nothing is official yet. We are still under contract, and well, we should know in the next few days if everything will be ok.

I have been trying very VERY hard not to start picturing it. Our new house. Tried very hard not to think about what colour I will paint the living room, or how I will hang my pictures, or if we need another chair in there somehwere. Tried very hard not to think about how to cover the big mirror doors in the bedroom. Tried very hard not to chose new handles for the kitchen cabinets. I did. I tried very hard.

But I can't do it anymore. Now, I know I want those really nice stainless and white handles for the kithen. I know I want to paint the living room a grey-blue like my favorite throw rug. And I am thinking about putting up a very thin shelf on the wall like my sister has in her appartement to put my pictures on and let them lean on the wall instead of making a ton of wholes.

My mind is going about a hundred miles a second. Because it's quiet at work and I actually had a day off today. My first one in almost 3 weeks. What can I say. I guess this is what I would do if I wasn't in the film business. I would revamp things, paint things, rearrange things. Turn a house into a home. What can you expect after so many episodes of DIY on tv and having Donna Hay and Real Living as the only two magazines I actually buy.

Now, if we don't get the house, I'll really be disapointed. Cause I started seeing it.


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