Tuesday, March 07, 2006

One struck off my list

You know that big list we all have of things we want to do before we die?
Last wednesday, I struck one off my list. One thing I had on my list since the first time I saw: La Grenouille et la Baleine.

I always wanted to swim with dolphins.

On tuesday night, Allen told me that we had to wake up early the next morning, because he was taking me somewhere. It surprised me that he knew I had the day off on wednesday... He wouldn't tell me anything about the surprise.

At 6h30, we were off. We rode down to Glenelg, a rich area right on the beach. We walked up to the marina where the rich people keep their yachts, and there was a big catamaran there, ready for us to hop on. I didn't know what we were going to to on the boat. A man walked up to us, and handed us wet suits and a piece of paper. Allen didn't say a word. I read the paper. It was a release form. I read it. I realised what we were here to do. I jumped up. 'Oh my God, you are taking me to swim with dolphins?!?!?!'
Allen smiled.

It was fantastic. We were about 12 on the big boat. There was two long ropes behind the boat, and we would slide in the water and the boat would drag us through the water and the pods of dolphins. They would come and swim around us and under us.
We had masks on to see in the water. It was wonderful. The water was so clear, and the sun was shining. We were out at sea for over 3 hours. We would get on the boat, find a pod, then slide in the water, then when the dolphins were gone, go back on the boat and find another pod.

An absolutely fantastic day. Allen was so thoughtful to have organised that. He made reservations with the boat, and called my work to make sure I was going to have the day off. And best of all, he knew I've always wanted to do that.
Thank you so much babe.


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Blogger johanne said...

wouahhhhhhhhhh...quelle journée...wonderful husband you've got there...keep it ...
thanks for the pictures as well...it is a bit like we were with you on the boat...

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