Thursday, February 16, 2006


I had lunch with the girls on sunday.

It was nice to see them. We didn't have time together since I left for Canada.

Charlie came down with the baby and we had a great time. We went down to Cafe Paesanno right around the corner of my house, and had a nice afternoon feast. It was a perfect day. 26 degrees, sunny, nice breeze. It was soothing just to sit there, not having to work that night, and just chat and laugh and see Charlie glowing with joy. She looked so happy. She is great with Juliette. It's so sweet to see.

My girlfriends are great.


Blogger pappidou said...

isn't it great to have great friends to share great things with???
you should feel lucky.
I know you do...

7:50 AM  

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