Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm at it again

Ah, the sleplessness.
There is nothing quite as frustrating.
Especially when you have a husband who falls asleep and snores in less than 15 seconds. (new record, I thought my dad was the fastest 'falling alseeper' in the world)

And when it's dark, quiet and still, my mind somehow comes alive.

And I start thinking too much.
Then I get emotionnal.
I don't know why.

Everything is bouncing around in my head, and I am looking upon too many grave subjects for the hour.

Seems these days I have trouble finding inner peace.

Again, I don't know why.


Blogger vanou said...

This too shall pass...

1:28 AM  
Blogger pappidou said...

here's a little trick from an old man...
get out of bed.
pour yourself a good 3 to 5 ounces of apéritif wine. you know, Dubonnet, Cinzano, Martini Rossi...whichever.
Don't get drunk on it, just a bit high...
Has to be sweet.
Read a book while drinking.
When the drink is finished, bring your book to bed and continue reading.
You should fall asleep peacefully.
This is what I do whenever I have trouble sleeping, although I must admit I have not been a victim of insomnia many times in my life...
Only when you guys passed curfew time, which was not too often, I must add.
Try it. Let me know how it goes for you.
As for Allen, I bow down to him as the champ!!


4:17 AM  
Blogger Soft said...

Salut Bichon,
ayant expérimenté les joies de l'insomnie non justifiable (sauf sous le conduit de la pensée et de la suprématie intellectuel) je t'envoi mon mot d'ordre. Il y'a un secret à la voie du sommeil, ça s'appelle oxygène. Et si le tourment intellectuel ou émotion, même non justifier reviens alors le truc que j'aime le plus. Faire une liste, c'est parfait une liste, jeune et branché.

Et si encore ça te travail dit toi que Maxime Renaud te salut bien bas, et que je pense fort à toi.

Je vous salut bien bas toi et Allan et tu me manques.


6:42 AM  

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