Wednesday, January 11, 2006

All gone

I did something kinda crazy today.
I spent the day with my cousin Annie and she offered to give me a trim. She's a pretty good hairdresser, and she likes giving people a makeover...
I thought I could use a lift, specially hair wise, so I went over to her house.
We went down to the drugstore cause we thought we could give my hair a bit of a color kick. So there she went. A color. Streaks. And my trim.
After all that, I looked pretty good. But then, while I was playing around with my new hair, I grabbed the back up, and my cousin went wild. She said I should cut them shorter.

Here's the thing with my hair. I've always wanted to have it long. I was well on my way to let them grow long, but it's so thin that it has no body at all. I have tried many things in the past few weeks, nothing seems to work long enough so that my hair still looks good after a few hours. I think I had a inner conversation with myself and sort of made peace with the fact that I might never look good with long hair because of its thinness. So I let her do it. She put the cissors into my hair, and she and her boyfriend styled it up, and frankly, I think I like it better this way.

Now, we'll see how good I am taking care of it this way.
I'll put a picture up soon.
But my God, it's always such a shock to see an immense amount of hair on the floor.
(And to see your hair short after it's been cut cause there is not mirror in which you can see you hair being cut)

Thanks Annie. For taking such time and effort to make me look nice.
You're great.


Blogger vanou said...

On veut des photos, on veut des photos!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey m-p, si tu es libre mercredi prochain, le 18, est-ce que tu voudrais souper avec moi avant de repartir à l'autre bout du monde??
pleaseeeeeeee ;o)

marie-claude xx
p.s, j'ai hâte de voir ca cette belle tête là!!

1:27 PM  

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