Friday, May 28, 2010

Heaven costs 4$.

Yesterday I had to run a few errands.
I just got new contact lenses, so I needed fluid. Went to the Pharmacy. Or Chemist, I should say, because here, a pharmacy is the small vanity in your bathroom where you keep your pills.

So anyway.

I went to this Chemist I never been before, and they had a huge range of new St-Ives products. I love that brand. Among them was body polish collection I had never seen before. There was one there, an Oatmeal and Shea Butter, for 3.99$. I thought it was a mistake. Usually, body scrubs in little tubs like that are at least 10$.

I am starting a new business. Therefore, I am broke, and I need a little cheap indulgence. So I got one.

I tried it this morning.
When I opened the tub, the scrub looked really hard. And it was. I really had to dig my fingers in it to get some stuff out. I thought it was going to be a dud. But once it blended with my wet skin, it became lush and incredible. Usually, scrubs that are soft to begin with washes away really fast and you barely have time to work it in. Not this one. It stays put, so you have time to massage it in and it stays on until you rince it off. It's not too abrasive, (you can see real bits of oatmeal in there) it feels absolutely luxurious and it smells like heaven. My skin feels soft, supple and just fabulous. And you guys know how picky my skin is.

I know this sounds like a paid add for St-Ives, but man, oh man, I am never taking a shower without this scrub again. It's just awsome. Plus, it's not tested on animals and the packaging is completely recyclable. AND it's only 4$. You HAVE to try it.


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Je vais TELLEMENT l'essayer!!!

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