Friday, September 21, 2007

Three years

Today, september 21st 2007, I am celebrating my third aussie aniversary.

I have been in australia for officialy three years today.
And I still can't believe it.

I took a moment today to think about what I have accomplished since I got here.
So much has happened.

I got married.

We lived at three different adresses, from the tiniest studio appartment in North Adelaide, to a quirky townhouse in the city, to our very own house in Morphett Vale.

We bought our first house. I bought my first car. And we have a dog now. And a veggie patch in the garden.

I have worked on 3 feature films, one of which went to the Cannes Film Festival, 5 short films, a ongoing television series and countless commercials, corporate and music videos.

I really have built a life for myself here.
I am proud.
Because it's not always easy to be all the way out here.


Blogger vanou said...

Bravo MP, I'm really proud of you.
It's hard to be far away, but you accomplished great things for yourself. Congradulations!
Je t'aime


1:42 AM  
Blogger pappidou said...

Nous aussi sommes fiers de ce que tu as accompli depuis ton d├ępart du Canada.
Et ce n'est pas fini...


11:51 PM  

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