Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's almost here.

Soon, it will be officially one year since I have been to Canada. I have never been away so long.

From Montréal.

From my home. I can't believe I still call it that.
I have bought a house here. I officially have a home here. But somehow, it still doesn't feel quite like it.

Why can't I just detach from it as easily as others can.

Is it because of my family.
Is it because the house in Saint-Lambert.
Is it because I missed a dinner with my beloved Sacoches yesterday.
Is it because I wasn't there when my surrogate family went through so much.
Is it because Émile won't recongise me when he sees me.
Is it because of a stupid sandwich at Santropol.
Is it because of the traffic on Victoria Bridge.
Is it because I haven't even met the guy.

Or is it because Adelaide is just so damn far away.

Bordel, j'ai un mal du pays pas possible.
Et la plage est juste à côté.


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