Friday, April 06, 2007

Best find yet.

There are certain things in life I like retro style. Fans are one of them. The originall 50's and 60's ones are very hard to find in working condition. Some companies have decided to use the retro style and make new fans, but they cost a fortune.
So if you like old fans, you are sometimes at an impass.

But a few days ago, I raided a few op shops with my friend Charlie, and there it was. Covered in dust and grease and gook, but gorgeous. Fonctionnal, and best of all, ten bucks!!

I took it home, gave it a good clean (that took about an hour, two rags and about fifty cotton buds) and now, it looks fantastic.

How cute is it?
And it works like a charm. Too bad summer is officially over...


Blogger Michel said...

You've done a good job, by the looks of it...and a good deal!
I noticed the 300 small tree plantations are gone....

FYI - last Christmss was green. This's white!!! Indeed, we had a good snow fall earlier this week...

Can summer be far behind?


8:31 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

Hey!! This machine just decided to change my user name!

Michel is for everyone...pappidou is for the Fake Aussie.

There. You have it!

8:33 PM  
Blogger johanne said...


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