Monday, June 12, 2006

My first dinner party

Ok, this is an important event for me.
After a year and a half, I finally hosted a dinner party in my own house.
Well, maybe 'party' is a big word. I cooked a five course dinner for my in-laws. So we were 4. But still. I did the table all nicely, and made a kick ass dinner.
Everything was made from scratch except the bread and pasta.

On the menu:

A special garlic and fresh parmesan bread (it was sooo yummy, nice and crispy and warm) to dip in two of my favourites: Green olive dip and spicy red lentil dip.

Green pea soup with a sour cream and chives topping

Main dish:
Angel hair pasta with three different wild mushrooms, topped with a white wine and peppercorn brie sauce. (recipe from a vegetarian cookbook vanou gave me years ago, I had never made that one...) it was absolutely delish
And steamed lemon green beans on the side

A frisé salad with walnuts topped with a halved pear and shaved blue cheese with a red wine vinegar dressing

Carrot cake (for Allen, the only dessert he eats)
Little caramel tarts (I even made the pastry!! yé me, steph would have been so proud)

Espresso coffee and Cinnamon black tea, then whisky for the men, baileys for the women.

Not bad for a first try, no?
So who is coming next?


Blogger Francis au Japon said...

I could be next, who knows? I am the closest...

8:14 PM  
Blogger pappidou said...

I'd say, « yes », the word « party » may be a bit big for the type of nice little gourmet dinner you guys had...yummmmyy!!
Wished we were there. Oh well...soon we hope. We,re jealous of Francis au Japon...he IS the closest.

The dinning room just looks great. Anxious to see other pictures of the rest of your nest-for-two.

So I guess now that you DO have a place to actually sit and enjoy food, your « petits tête-à-tête » will be more numerous and intimate...

Have fun finishing off the nest.


11:08 PM  
Blogger LO said...

WOW!!!!Might be worth being on the next plane.Would love the recipe of the pasta, because, as you know, I have a few veggies....

9:00 AM  
Blogger johanne said...

on veut des photos...

10:32 AM  

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