Monday, September 06, 2010

So over it.

Australians went to the polls on August 21st.

And here we are, two and a half weeks later, and the new Prime Minister STILL hasn't been announced yet.

The two major parties, Liberals and Labour, are in a major dead lock. The final decision now lies with three elected independants. They have been talking for over two weeks to try to decide which side to join with, and have gotten quite a lot of attention. But now, really, I think they are just milking it.

It's ridiculous. Those three guys, all representing some obscur rural part of the country, are now drunk with power and are trying to stretch out their fifteen minutes of 'fame'.

Just get on with it!!

Not only has the election campaign been the worst and most boring ever, but it's dragging, on, and on, and on, and on.
Oh. Have I mentionned that the ABC has started a new 24 hour a day news channel about a month ago? Yeah. And Allen has had it on non stop since then. I am about to blow my brains out. I cannot take another minute of stupid Aussie politics.

My God.
I cannot wait for it to be all over.


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