Sunday, September 30, 2007

Diary of a Kitchen renovation, Day 2

Day two.

At soon as the clock hit ten I called Ikea. I had found the product number of the discontinued breakfast bars and was hoping that they were not all gone yet. Called Ikea, we were in luck. Put one aside for us, and the boys went down to get it and I left for work.

I came back carrying a big pizza for my hard workers. The day was over, and the counters were in. My sink was in also. It looked gorgeous.

But there was another problem. The taps that Allen and I had carefully chosen weren't going to fit through the thickness of the counter top, cause it was made to go through the really ugly - but thin - metal sinks. My ceramic sink didn't have holes for it. So another little setback.

And so, we still couldn't have running water. We had had to turn off the mains the day before because when the guys ripped off the old sink and taps, there was a gap there, and when Allen took a shower, water leaked everywhere in the kitchen. Along with the dust and wood chips, that was a lot of fun to clean up.

So at the end of day 2, our kitchen looked like this.

It's so exciting to see pieces come together. Especially when it's pieces you've chosen.


Blogger pappidou said...

It starts to look real good.
Keep it up!

What next?


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