Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nothing special

In my family, Easter is the perfect excuse to all get together, eat great food and have a beautiful afternoon. I can see it now.
It will probably be at my parent's house. My mom bought a nice center piece for the table while she was visiting. So that will sit proudly in the middle of the beautifully set dining table. Mom will have prepared a wonderful brunch and Steph will have made countless delicious desserts. Marc-André and Marie will be there, and my cousins with their partners and little Émile. My aunts and uncles too. And grand-maman. The sun will come out, slowly melting the newly fallen snow and the yellow tulips in our garden will start pointing out their noses.

For me, this sunday will be like any other.

I watched Easter Parade on tv this morning. It aires every year on channel 9. It's the third time in a row I watch it during Easter weekend. I love that movie. There's just something about watching Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in technicolor.
It makes me feel better.

I miss you, my wonderful family.
Happy Easter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pas besoin de te dire à quel point tu nous manques toi aussi...

marie claude xxx

2:34 AM  

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