Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Been tagged. Here goes: 15 Things

1-Grab the closest book to you, go to page 18 and write down the 4th line :
'Simplement pour regarder couler l'eau, pour se tremper les pieds dans le courant.'

2- Whats the last thing you saw on TV?
David Letterman's Top Ten, very late last night. It was an old repeat but it was funny: Top Ten things that tell you you are watching a bad pirate movie.

3- Other than the sound of your computer, what else can you hear?
Chomsky snoring

4- Last time you went out, what did you do?
Took Chomsky to the beach

5- What are you wearing?
Yellow Pinoccio tshirt, dark jeans and my uggies.

6- What's on the walls in the room you are in?
Two small mirrors in wodden frames, a black and white wedding picture and a lovely painting that our artist friend gave us as a housewarming gift.

7- What’s strange about today?
It's only 24 degrees outside, after about two weeks of being over 32...

8- Whats the last Movie you saw?
Waitress, at the cinema with Charlie on my bday.

9- Tell us something we don’t know:
I did all my christmas shopping in Australia so that my family and friends would have presents from Down Under instead of Down Town Montréal.

10- Do you like dancing?
Depends. Have to be in the mood for it.

11- If you had a daughter, what would her name be?
Cécile. My beloved grandmother's name. Allen and I have dibs on it even though we are not planning on having kids.

12- If you had a son, what would her name be?
Xavier. Still keeping dibs on it, even if we'll probably never use it.

13- Ever thought of living abroad?
I am. Not as easy as it sounds sometimes.

14- What would you like GOD to tell you when you crossed the pearly gates?
If there was a way I could have had it all (my friends, my family (canada) and my husband and career (australia)) at the same time.

15- Mouhahaha, there is not question 15, mouhahaha!
Come on, you could have thought of something!

Oh well...


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